Discovering Usborne Books and Kane/Miller Books!

Usborne books are designed graphically to draw the students in, to make them want to learn the material and to help them retain that knowledge. The magic of Usborne books is that they make both reading and learning fun and not a boring or intimidating experience. Peter Usborne set out to break down a child's resistance to reading and learning at home. These books are so well organized that children absorb and recall much of the vast amount of information presented. - Randall White - President/CEO of Educational Development Corporation - Distributer/Publisher of Usborne Books and Kane Miller Books in the USA

What Makes Usborne the Right Choice?

Usborne Books' Quality & Affordability

  •  Acid-free Paper
  •  Laminated Covers
  •  Stitched Bindings
  •  Durable Library Bindings
  •  Abundance of Full-Color Illustrations
  •  Most priced under $10

 Special Features of Usborne Books

  •  Step-by-step explanations
  •  Cutaway illustrations
  •  Double page layouts
  •  Pages filled with activity
  •  Informational text
  •  "Find the duck" in many preschool books

2018 Spring Catalog